Regional Board Members

All of the board members for AYSO regions serve on a volunteer basis.  The following are this upcoming year’s board members.   If you would be interested in serving on the board, please contact one of the current board members for more information.

We have new board members starting in the Fall 2019 season.  The previous board members are sticking around only to help the new board get on their feet.  Please be patient with the new board as we learn.  AYSO is a volunteer only organization.  If you’d like to contribute your time to help make the region better, please reach out to the Regional Commissioner Chris Campbell to volunteer.  There is always an open position on the board where you can help your community’s AYSO program. Chris Campbell <>

Chris Campbell-Regional Commissioner
Shawn Ehrstein-Assistant Regional Comissioner
Dan Casad-Coach Admin
Steven Menefee-Ref Admin
Steven Menefee – Treasurer
John Adams – Safety Director
Jenny Adams – Coach Volunteer Protection Advocate
Shawn Ehrstein – Registrar
Jason Wacker
Jason Reffner
You may also contact us via facebook at