Field Information

Region 253 Fields

All U5, U6, U8, U10, U12, U14 and older home games for Region 253 will be at the McKay Soccer Complex on North Emporia Street, entry to the closest parking lot is the road that runs beside the Valley Center Police Department (Emporia Street) off of 85th street north. Below is a map of the field locations as well as parking.  The link below the map will take you to a Google Map of the address of the Sports Complex.  If you click on the map image below a larger view will open.

  • U5/U6 – Fields 1 & 2
  • U8 – Fields 3 & 4
  • U10 – Fields 5 &6
  • U12  – Field 7
  • U14-U19 – Field 8



Region 253 Field Map

Region 208

17th North and Ridge Road, Sedgwick County Park

Region 105

45th Street South and Meridian

Region 49

Stryker Soccer Complex at K96 and Greenwich

Region 491

Chisholm Park, Clearwater, KS