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Spring 2017 Schedules are up!

We have the Spring 2017 schedules posted.  Please visit the link on the right side for the schedules or click here to view them.  Our apologies for posting this a bit late.

Picture Schedule October 8th

Picture Time Team 1/Camera 1 Team 2/ Camera 2 Game Time/Location
7:15am Shane Ammerman Kelly McCorgary Home @ 8:30
7:15am Jason Tiger Home @ 8:30
7:30am William Newton Cameron McDaniel Home @ 8:30
7:45am Schuyler Wedel Randy McVay Home @ 8:30
8:30am Gary Jones Robert Stafford Home @ 9:45
8:30am Aaron Wiechman Home @ 10:00
8:45am Bryan Fehrenbach Jacob Parker Home @ 9:30
9:00am Justin McDonald James Brenneis Clearwater@10:30/49@10:30
9:15am Emily McVay 49@10:45/
9:30am Steven Menefee Daniel Casad Home @ 10:30
9:45am Derek Esgro Home@10:30/
10:00am Shane Ammerman Jason Reffner Home@11:30/Home@11:30
10:15am Dennis Longhauser Dennis Longhauser Home@12:00/Home@11:30
10:30am Matthew Koehn Matthew Coleman Home @ 11:30
10:45am Bryan Stika Jeromy West 105@12:00/Home@11:45
11:00am Rachel Ishman Nick Roths Home@12:00/Home@12:15
11:15am Angela Hughes David Wheeler Home @ 12:15
11:15am Andrea Zimmerman Home @ 12:15
11:30am Sergio Mireles Bria Lehr Home @ 1:00
11:45am Stephanie Haile Heather Jayne Home @ 1:00
12:00pm Jacob Staples Dennis Vegas Home@1:00/208@1:30
12:15pm Alan Vermilyea Tracy Love 208 @ 1:30/Home@1:45